Cofresi Restaurants

Cofresi restaurants are an important part of the town's amenities, and the variety we find ranges from Mexican Caribbean fusion such as the Charros Caribe Mex, with a complete menu that mixes the best of Mexican food and Caribbean seafood dishes. The next one in line is the classic Chris and Maddy's, which offers and international cuisine menu many have rated as one of the top three in town.

Getting into a  more casual evening we visit the Terrace at Ocean World, right by the Marina. This bar restaurant features a full wine store with a la carte dining, and excellent ambient. Another landmark restaurant in Cofresi is on the other side of the highway, Le Papillon. This European chef truly is a class of his own, be sure to check the listing in this page. The list of restaurants inside the Lifestyles resorts is extensive, we will add them as well.