Cofresi Resorts are the heart of this town, the first item of importance in our vacation list. This beautiful town has a good catalog of  fine accommodations to choose from, all within direct access to the beach and the town’s best amenities. Here we present the very top selection to choose from when planning your next vacation to Cofresi Beach, Puerto Plata.

Cofresi Palm Beach Resort & Spa

Cofresi Palm Beach Resort Puerto Plata

Cofresi Palm Beach Resort can easily be ranked #1 in Puerto Plata.


The Royal Suites

The Royal Suites

The fantastic Royal Suites.


The Sunrise Suites

Sunrise Suites

The Sunrise Suites with splendid vistas.


Presidential Suites

Presidential Suites Cofresi

The Presidential Suites.


Crown Residence Suites

Cofresi Crown Residence Suites

The Luxury Crown Residence Suites


Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort

Lifestyles Tropical Beach Resort

The Lifestyles Tropical Beach Resort.


Lifestyles Holiday Vacation Club


Cofresi Palm Beach Resort and Spa

The Lifestyles Holiday Vacation Club


Skylight Hotel & Restaurant

Skylight hotel in Cofresi Puerto Plata

The Skylight Hotel and Restaurant in Cofresi Beach.