The Cofresi Beach Online Portal is a locally sponsored project aimed at providing useful information on the beach`s ecological, economic, cultural and social value for the North Coast region and the Dominican Republic.

The main goal: An online guide of Cofresi Beach services and activities:

  • All-inclusive Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Beach Bars
  • Yachting
  • Villas
  • Theme Parks
  • Fishing Tours

Prodiving in-depth information on every service provider located within the beach boundaries, making it easier to locate ( geo/gps on map), contact ( phone, email, web) and rate the services. This gives local vendors access to broader international and local markets, and a need to improve services to better compete among each other.

Cofresi beach logo

About the Cofresi beach logo: the logo symbolizes the true Caribbean lifestyle offered by the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, specially places like Cofresi. The color black as the background is the VIP excellence offered by the businesses that have made a name in Cofresi over the years.

Sponsors: Golden Treasures Real Estate