Le Papillon Cofresi Restaurant is a landmark of great cuisine, established 30 years ago in the very same location is has always been since its creation. A true classic of fine dining, with a brilliant master chef from Germany, Thomas Ackermann. He settled in Puerto Plata in 1992, after successfully working as a chef, including work in a  world-class cruise line in Germany and Switzerland.

The Best German Chef in Puerto Plata

The best description of Le Papillon Restaurant is by the owner and founder, Chef Thomas himself:  “This small, natural, airy restaurant in the midst of royal palms offers guests a very unique atmosphere with a rustic, nautical design. Big aquariums, , lots of driftwood and historic and eccentric decorations all contribute to an unforgettable experience for body and soul”.

Le Papillon Cofresi Photo Gallery

Once inside, visitors will find a collector’s cache of items decorating the restaurant: scale sailing boats, butterflies (papillon is butterfly in French), rustic chairs and bar stools, an old turtle shell, rustic lamps, and great wine bottles for a perfect pairing.

Chef Thomas has spoiled countless patrons in Cofresi with his freshly and individually prepared dishes. His extensive menu of international cuisine caters to all tastes. This restaurant has rave reviews online, because of Chef Thomas dedication and passion for gourmet food.

Le Papillon Menu

Among the gourmet options we find at Le Papillon Cofresi Restaurant, there is the appetizer menu  with garden green salad, tomato salad with onions, iceberg Caesar salad, cream of Broccoli, Goulash soup (German); also garlic bread, Calypso chrismp cocktail, and escargot in pastry Tartlets.

The Specialties menu is no surprise from a master chef like Thomas:

Restaurant Location:

Restaurant Le Papillon
Villas Cofresi
Puerto Plata
Dominican Republic
Tel. 809-970-7640
Email: lepapillontomas@hotmail.com

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